3 secrets that prevent you from gaining weight

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A free masterclass that shares the big three secrets that you need in order to gain weight – without having to stuff yourself on end or restart your journey over and over

Are you ready to go from skinny to strong and leave your insecurities behind for good? If something in you is saying “YES, THAT’S ME” then listen up… In this FREE webinar, you will be given the secret recipes for skinny girls, so you can build the body of your dreams and feel confident in a bikini for the rest of your life.

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What results you can expect from the Wholesome Weight Gain method…

Is this you…?

You’ve tried every diet there is.

You’ve seen 100’s of success stories on Instagram… …and nothing seems to be working.

Do you ever catch yourself thinking… “What am I doing wrong?”

Trust me when I say, I’ve been there.

Putting on muscle, and becoming the healthiest version of yourself can be difficult, frustrating, tiring, (& expensive) if you don’t have the correct guidance.

So, this is where I’ve decided to jump in.

I’m Wioletta: Weight-gain expert, self-love practitioner, and discipline master.


Take a moment to picture this…

​​You’re Radiating With Self-Love
​​You Nourish Your Body With Your Fave Foods
​​You Easily Gain Muscle (Without Pills or Unhealthy Shakes)
​​You’ve Got Your Dream Body (Hello Sexy Curves)
​​​​You Are the Strongest You’ve Ever Been
​​​​​Self-Confidence Has Become Your Superpower…

How do I know what I’m talking about?

I’m Wioletta, weight-gain expert, self-love practitioner, and discipline master. I went from being underweight all my life
to +13kg, feeling the most confident I’ve ever been before.
I’m helping naturally skinny women worldwide embody their strongest and most feminine shape.


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