If you’re struggling with eating larger portions at once, then snacking is the way to go for you. Sometimes just a handful of nuts, seeds, or any other of the foods below will make the biggest difference on your journey.

Instead of stuffing yourself in one go until you can barely move or even feel sick, spread your meals out into smaller and more often sittings.

Including these foods in your diet will help anyone on their weight gain journey to see quicker results, without overeating or feeling overwhelmed by huge portions. We all have days, where we don’t feel as hungry, and that’s totally natural and okay. The key to success is to know what to snack on. You could easily fill up your probably tiny volume in the belly with foods like cucumber, carrots, popcorn, and so on. However, they won’t provide sufficient amounts of calories or protein. Make sure you include several of the examples to help your body put on weight and become stronger!

Looking for more snack inspo? I’ve got a mini recipe e-book for you! You HAVE to try the chocolate mousse, it’s so delicious, easy to make, AND has the perfect macros for us skinny girls!