Group coaching

In a world where the internet is cluttered with weight loss diets and everyone is trying to get as slim as possible, there are also women like us who are trying to do the opposite – gain weight, build muscle & become strong.

But this need isn’t being served enough, even on weight gain pages you still find people promoting a trending weight loss thing. So it’s hard to be heard and find women who are going through the same, I get that. It makes you feel like you’re all alone in this and no one takes your struggles seriously because neither your friends, family, co-workers nor your therapist can relate to your situation.

THIS IS WHERE I COME IN. The group coaching program is for women who want to be taken seriously and surround themselves with like-minded souls who are following the exact same goal – working on themselves to become strong, healthy, and sexy!

Is that what you want too?

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What do you get?


Weekly 60-minute video calls in a small, private group setting (4-6 girls)


​24 hours private 1 on 1 text message support & accountability so all your questions can be answered


Group community with the other girls to support & motivate each other & make friends for a life-time


​Access to the Wholesome Weight Gain program including the 12-week workout & nutrition course and mindset training


​All Wholesome Weight Gain resources such as the recipe e-book, Booty Band Burner course, smoothie guide & much more


Personalized meal & training plans


​Full nutrition support & guidance


​Access to all GOLD clients resources and tools to ensure weekly growth and progress

That’s what group coaching is there for. In our weekly group meetings, you will receive an intimate experience of girls who are following the same goal as you are. Myself, the expert guiding each session, you can expect weekly resources to supplement your growth and daily accountability and support within the group. It is guaranteed that you won’t fall off track or not make progress, I will personally make sure of that!

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This transformation could be yours…🔥

How does it work?

The first step is a free clarity call to see if you’re a good fit for the group and can qualify for the coaching. The starting date will be determined and your progress will be tracked and made sure that there’s growth every week.


This 4-month group coaching is a four-figure investment in your health and future self, including the full bronze program (397€ and GOLD resources 297€, payment available).

I’m Wioletta

Weight-gain expert, self-love practitioner, and discipline master.

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If you need another reason to work with me:

This is my old self.
Skinny, shy, and insecure.

Today, I am empowered, strong, and full of self-love.

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