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😓 You've tried every gym plan there is.

You’ve seen 100’s of success stories on Instagram…
…and nothing seems to be working.

Do you ever catch yourself thinking…
“What am I doing wrong?”

🍑  I need your guidance  🍑

Trust me when I say, I've been there too 😣

Putting on muscle, and becoming the healthiest version of yourself can be difficult, frustrating, and tiring if you don’t have the correct guidance.

So, this is where I’ve decided to jump in.

I’m Wioletta

Fitness expert, confidence mentor, and discipline master.

I’m here to help YOU transform your body by focusing on the correct exercises.

Gain muscle with the Pancake to Peach Program (without gaining fat in unwanted areas) like never before!

The best part?
It’s EASY!


In a few weeks time, you’re going to be the best version of yourself, physically & mentally :)

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Transform your pancake-butt into a peach following my proven methods in the gym. Every week, you’ll receive a workout plan that you can follow in the gym – including video instructions for each exercise. It’s like having a personal coach in your pocket. Follow the plan, record your moves, get feedback for your form and make progress quicker than ever – without the guesswork.

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& you will get instant access to this life-changing app.

🍑 The Pancake to Peach Club:


WEEKLY PROGRESSING WORKOUT PLANS that target muscle groups in the most effective way without getting bored


​PROVEN METHODS FOR SUCCESS  that I use to help all female clients leaving pancake-land


NEW WORKOUT CYCLES EVERY 10 WEEKS for optimal muscle growth and to keep you motivated!


THE MOST EFFICIENT EXERCISES  that will get you quicker results in less time (less time doing HIIT, more time doing what really counts!)


​​UNLOCK YOUR DREAM BODY AND SHAPE so you can feel as beautiful as you are 


WEIGHT GAIN AND WEIGHT LOSS PLANS  whether you want to lose weight or gain weight – I’ve got you covered!


PRIVATE GROUP CHAT WITH FORM CHECKS a literal personal coach in one app

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Take a moment to picture this…

​​You’re Radiating With Self-Love


​​You Nourish Your Body With Your Fave Foods


​​You Easily Gain Muscle (without yoyo-effect)


​​You’ve Got Your Dream Body (hello sexy curves)


​​​​You Are the Strongest You’ve Ever Been


​​​​​Self-Confidence Has Become Your Superpower…

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Sounds like a dream right? Well, let’s make this your reality!

These are the effects The PANCAKE TO PEACH Program will have on YOU.

In just a few weeks you’ll be on your way to becoming the happiest, healthiest version of yourself!

Just by being here, you’re already one step closer :)

🍑 let’s make it a reality!

If you need another reason why this is the right program for you…
This is my old self.
Skinny, shy, and insecure.

But, with the help of my
Pancake to Peach Program.
Today, I am empowered, strong, and full of self-love.

How you can go from feeling uncomfortable to strong & sexy:

Let me share Claudia’s story with you to give you a real-life example of what is possible if you finally go for it and start your journey with working with Wioletta. Claudia was training at the gyms for a while, so she was sure that she was doing the right exercises to build the body she was dreaming of. She didn’t feel comfortable in her skinny body and wanted to gain weight all her life. Having been through similar experiences to Claudia, I could deeply resonate with her. With the help of the program, her life has changed drastically and I am SO proud of her for committing to herself in this way.

Through the program, she… 

found the right exercises she needed as a naturally skinny girl
…became mentally & physically strong
…has learned to love her body deeply like never before
…has created a healthy routine that works perfectly in her life
easily gained weight with the recipes provided within the program

How did she get there? 

Claudia decided to commit to her own journey because she realized that she had limitless potential within herself, but needed the right guidance to unlock it so she could leverage it to the fullest. The wholesome weight gain program for her focused on doing exercises designed for a weight gain journey and eating the right foods. With the workouts & guidance from the program, Claudia was able to identify her obstacles and work with them in order to finally see real-life changes.

Through the program, Claudia was also able to build a confident and empowered mindset. She knew that without that foundation, she wouldn’t be able to unfold her fullest potential and love her body fully.

Since the program, Claudia is a new person. She feels confident in a bikini and has finally the feminine curves she was always dreaming of!

You see – the external wins are great, but nothing compares to the freedom and love you feel when you’ve shifted on an internal level too.
Here’s another example of what it feels like to enroll in the program…

First week after enrolling in the program:
“One week into the program and I’m already seeing baby improvements! I am so excited to keep going.
I feel so full of energy and happiness”

12 weeks later…
“I stopped drinking and quit smoking 2 months ago, got my appetite up and I’ve gained about 15lbs from eating more healthy meals frequently! The new format of the WWG website has really increased my motivation to stick with the program! I love that you can check off your progress as you go… I know that 10 weeks from now I will be even stronger and more confident. Thank you Wioletta!”

The examples don’t stop here yet…

“I always struggled to maintain my weight, but as soon as I got stressed, my weight would just plummet. I went to about 7.5 stone (47kg), which is just not okay. I felt really drained and tired… Since then, during the program, I’ve gained 1 stone! A whole stone in weight. I’m 8.5 stone (54kg) now! So I’ve changed a lot and that’s because I knew how to get my weight back up again… I’ve never gained that much weight so quickly in such a short space of time before… I feel more confident, I’m sleeping better, I look and feel healthier!”

Anna is the perfect example that age doesn’t have an impact on your success. If she can do it with 40, what’s holding you back?

🍑 I want to be the next success! 🍑

Frequently Asked Questions

How is that different to a personal trainer?

A personal trainer will give you only support during your workout. There won’t be a community and no one to turn to when you leave the gym. In the Pancake to Peach Club, you get all the perks of a PT with a supportive female community.

Is there some kind of motivation or accountABILITY?

I got you, that’s exactly what I am here for you, to hold you accountable and the community is here to support each other, we’re in this together!
You get access to our private group chat, where I will personally kick you ass and make sure you’re not falling off track!

I'm still a beginner, is this program for me?

This program meets all levels. We’ve got girls who never set a foot in a gym before and they have to struggle whatsoever. With the videos and cues, you’ll be able to get to an intermediate level in the shortest time!

I've been training for years, will this be a great option for me too?

Oh yes! No matter how many years you’ve been training at the gym, this program will help you maximize your growth 100x! I train with this program myself every time.

IS this suitable for weight loss?

Yes! There’re two different plans you can choose from. A weight gain/weight maintain plan and a weight loss plan!

THE pancake to peach club

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