Frequently Asked Questions

How is that different to a personal trainer?

A personal trainer will give you only support during your workout. There won’t be a community and no one to turn to when you leave the gym. In the Pancake to Peach Club, you get all the perks of a PT with a supportive female community.

Is there some kind of motivation or accountABILITY?

I got you, that’s exactly what I am here for you, to hold you accountable and the community is here to support each other, we’re in this together!
You get access to our private group chat, where I will personally kick you ass and make sure you’re not falling off track!

I'm still a beginner, is this program for me?

This program meets all levels. We’ve got girls who never set a foot in a gym before and they have to struggle whatsoever. With the videos and cues, you’ll be able to get to an intermediate level in the shortest time!

I've been training for years, will this be a great option for me too?

Oh yes! No matter how many years you’ve been training at the gym, this program will help you maximize your growth 100x! I train with this program myself every time.

IS this suitable for weight loss?

Yes! There’re two different plans you can choose from. A weight gain/weight maintain plan and a weight loss plan!

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