1 on 1 coaching

Fully personal accountability via 24-hour private support and check-in calls. To ensure growth and progress each client gets unique resources tailored to their individual situation.

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*limited capacity per month*

Do you need full accountability and someone who is there for you to support you on your journey?


You might also want to shift the focus onto your mental health, have full guidance on nutrition or get fully customized workout plans?

That’s what private coaching is there for. In our 1 on 1 meetings, you will receive a fully tailored experience to your unique situation and needs. You can expect weekly resources to supplement your growth and daily accountability and support from my side. It is guaranteed that you won’t fall off track or not make progress, I will personally make sure of that!


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What do the girls from the coaching say?

Cynthia, 26 years old:

“I really have to say that I’ve tried a lot in the past. For example two times I went to a specialized clinic for eating disorders, I tried psychotherapy, I tried group therapies, I tried food counseling, so I tried nearly everything. But what I really like about you is that you focus on many different things., not only food or training but also the mindset and things that you don’t really get from psychotherapy or anywhere else.”

“Looking at my achievements objectively, I did gain weight, but it’s so much more than just that. I now take time for myself to engage with myself to get access to my inner emotions and thoughts. I also had a hard time comparing myself with others, but now I look at it in a different way.”

This is what you can expect from the 1 on 1 coaching:

12 weeks full of…

How does it work?

First step is a free clarity call to see if we’re a good fit and if I’m able to help. If we both agree on working together, we’ll talk about the length and intensity of the coaching.
The progress will be tracked and made sure that there’s growth every week.


A private 1:1 coaching requires a 4-figure investment and will depend on your unique situation, payment plans are available.

The investment may vary depending on your unique needs.

I’m Wioletta

Hypertrophy expert, self-love practitioner, and discipline master.

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If you need another reason to work with me:

This is my old self.
Skinny, shy, and insecure.

Today, I am empowered, strong, and full of self-love.

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